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All of the amenities such as: a management company, security cleaning and rent assistance are though of and implemented on the property.
The village of Akhalsopelli, a place surrounded by legends of longevity and health, is now home to an exclusive cottage complex NEW VILLAGE, each villa in which is a masterpiece of design and architecture created by a leading Georgian Architect and interior designer.

Imagine a 180m2 villa with a luxurious interior made with the highest quality European materials, where every single detail of the interior reminds of luxury and sophistication.

At the price of only $990 per m2 it is not only extremely affordable, but also a great deal, given the unique combination of quality, design and location.

The developer c APPLICATION officially guarantees rental incomes of $8000+ per year, which makes investing in these villas not only emotionally appealing, but also financial masterpiece. With this approach, every investor can be confident in the stability and reliability of their investment.

The inspirational dream of living by the sea, surrounded by nature, is now becoming real in the mountains of Batumi in the complex NEW VILLAGE.

Imagine your morning beginning not with the honking of cars, but with the gentle whisper of waves and birdsong. It's not just a move out of the city - is a step towards an idyllic existence, where every day is filled with bright colours and the air is fresh and clean.
Why choose this lifestyle?
Peace and quietness

It's not luxury here, it's everyday life. Forget urban chaos; your new home is a relaxation heaven where every sound is filled with harmony.

Nature becomes your neighbour

Imagine spending a weekend exploring the coast or picnicking amongst the green hills. It's not only the process of calming down, but also energises you for the oncoming working days

Health above all else

Here you can enjoy not only fresh produce straight from your vegetable garden, but also clean air. Without the smog and gassiness of city streets, it is easier and more pleasant to wake up every morning.

Fully beneficial

Living out of town not only allows you to keep your housing expenses down, but also to buy your groceries directly from the villagers at the lowest prices. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Family values

If you dream of a place where your family will be able to spend more time together and communicate with each other rather than be on their phone and computer screens all day, then NEW VILLAGE Is exactly what you need.

A stress-free life

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Here every day brings peace and joy, helping you to maintain your mental balance.

The opportunity to live in NEW VILLAGE is not just a lifestyle change. It is an opportunity to start the life you have always dreamed of: a calm, happy and healthy life, in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Here, where every day becomes adventurous and the evenings are filled with the cosiness and warmth, you will find your true home - a place you will leave you stunned and obsessed with it.

Open the door to a world of luxury and fine taste with a new villa in the exclusive cottage complex NEW VILLAGE.

180 m2 of modern architecture and design, where every detail has been thought out to perfection.

On the ground level, you are greeted by a spacious hallway smoothly flowing into an open kitchen with island and a cosy living room. The 65 m² of exquisitely decorated living space offers the perfect place to welcome guests or enjoy a relaxing family evening. Thanks to the panoramic windows, natural light freely fills the whole space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

The first floor is truly the most soulful place in the house, including a master bedroom with a private bathroom and two additional rooms for children or guests. A second bathroom on the floor provides convenience for all residents. Each room is decorated with impeccable taste, emphasising the elegance and functionality of the space.

The third level is the area of freedom and щзут space with a 33m² common living area, ideal for entertaining or relaxing. On the same level is a spectacular 32m² outdoor terrace with mesmerizing sea and city views. This is where every evening becomes an unforgettable sight of sunsets and sunrises.

Cost and uniqueness of the offer
The uniqueness of the offer

The uniqueness is in the property being sold EXCLUSIVELY fully finished! Meaning, with furniture and appliances, with fully completed interior, ready to receive their new owners and serve the amazing feeling of a beautiful new home by the seashore.

The villa cost

In the “ready to live” condition it is only 199 000 $US, and includes not only the house itself but also the land around the property (according to cadastral documents). And, at payment of 100% at the time of contract conclusion the price is reduced by 5%! This means that your new home by the sea, will cost you only 189 050 $US!

Payment terms

30% prepayment at the construction stage, and an interest-free loan from the developer with up to 18 months for the remaining amount to be paid.

Contract with the management company

For security services, cleaning, video surveillance, food delivery, pool cleaning, sanitizing the premises with air in the absence of the owners, maintenance of the grounds, plumbing and electrics. The management company can also take on the responsibility for renting your property long-term or short-term. In this case, special conditions for the provision of services apply.

Attention! Promotion!

Only until the end of August 2024, all who bought a villa, Infinity pool as a gift!

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Главная - English

«There are only 10 villas in the complex and 3 of them are already sold, so do not miss the moment to make probably the most successful purchase in your life! Call or write now!»

Eugenia, Head Sales Manager.

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